Stone faces

High over the alter she watches,
Her head made of stone,
A cobweb lace,
Covers her face,
She was carved in 14 something or other,
To hold the arch up high,
Opposite he looks,
Through cold marble eyes,
He holds his arch aloft,
Nobody sees them there,
Above the electric light,
Next to the organ pipes,
Did they ever know each other,
Do they know there names,
Why so high, when others so low,
Were they lovers or brother and sister,
The years have worn their noses away,
Stains like liver spots adorn their faces,
The vicar below forgives us our sins,
He marries us and buries us,
Only the walls remain,
With carved faces covered in cobwebs,
That see and hear it all,
And tell nothing.

Poetry by Mick Bean
Read 563 times
Written on 2018-08-24 at 00:30

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Kathy Lockhart
This really drew me in and involved me, as if I were standing right there, looking up, experiencing waves of emotion. I'm captivated by the description of detail that causes me to feel a sadness and a longing. This is very visual and emotional. Thanks for sharing.

What an image you've painted for us! I think I'll never forget it.