Is it just me?

The streets feel the same,
where I last saw you
the trees have grown, to be fair
and flaky paint maybe, too!
The sadness of this wintery air,
Sojourn reminders and longing
waiting all these years restless lay
for me to pick up, dust off and embrace
The need to see your face
has'nt at all faded away
knowing you don't live around
the paths and ways memory bound
has yet to diminish and decay
the pull to this sad and old little place.

Have we moved anywhere, at all?
If we look hard enough,introspect and estimate.

For us time, distance and decay, remains
irrelevant, absurd and mundane.

Or is it just me?

Poetry by sagi
Read 394 times
Written on 2018-12-13 at 13:52

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