Continuation! 🙏😇

When my time comes - Part 4

"Thank you for your concern!" the taxi drives away, she watches as the car becomes smaller in in the distance. Next time she will be in his car, and disappear in to the distance.

Walking up to the reception, she could barely keep her composure, her body felt as if 220 volts were passing through her. Her hands where clammy, her breaths were short and fast. It was the most real euphoria she had ever felt.

The receptionist was a very beautiful mahogany lady with bright white teeth. "Welcome to the pie&crust do you have a reservation?" amilia knew she had to stay until nightfall, but didn't want to give the pretty receptionist her name in fear that they would be able to catch Casper faster if they knew where she got abducted from. And she wanted all the time they could get.

"Eve, or Eveline Mars if you need my full name."

"I can't seem to find your reservation, Miss Eveline?"

" Are you sure? , my dad made the reservation before I left, maybe it's in his name? Can you find Rupert mars?"

"I can't find that either, sorry miss. But we do have one room available would you like that one?"

"Yes please, thank you for all your help."
Amelia felt safe, she had made it all the way here and nothing had put her off course. Her plan just couldn't fail.
"Miss, may I see your identification?"
"My identification! of course, let me just dig through my bag." she moves around a few things in her backpack to make it seem like she's looking, she felt so dumb. Of course, you would have to show identification, how could she have missed something so simple?
" I'm sorry I must have lost it in the cab, or on the way. Oh no, what am I suppose to do?"
" that's okej miss Eveline, you can stay here until we close check-in and if there's still a room available, I'll check you in then. Or you could just pay cash."

"thank you!!, cash please!"

Finally all that's left now is waiting for nightfall. Amelia sitting in a bar stool playing around with the room key scouting potential victims she might have to fend off to be picked by Casper.

However, there seem to be only three real threats, one older man with Clark Kent glasses and checkerboard suit. But he is a way too drunk to not go to bed soon. The other two are tourist girls from Italy. They would be the bigger obstacle. She walks up to the Italian girls as they are flirting with the bartender. "I'll buy the next round for all four of us!". The girls cheered and are more than happy to welcome Amilia in the pursuit of the bartender.

After a bit of gossiping, way to much liquier and conversation about there promiscuous travel ventures the girls go back to there room and call it a night.
Left alone with the bartender amilia feels a sense of worry creeping up. "Are you waiting for someone?"

Short story by Sipora
Read 629 times
Written on 2019-02-21 at 13:44

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