Hey, little voice inside his head, stop!
You, frustrated demon, you got enough!
Threw the paper on me because of you,
Raised his voice wants me to give what's not due.

Hey, strong man we need to follow only this,
What you want just isn't right and wouldn't fit;
Hold it! Don't you ever begin to yell
Calm down and listen to me very well.

Called my angel, for I'm now actually trembling;
Uncontrollable fear kept me thinking.
What if he has a gun, he'd aim at me
What if the guards would never get to see.

He stopped and walked out of the way
I am feeling bad, don't know what to say;
Closed my eyes and let tears fall down
Thanks to God, I'm saved and am still okay.

Poetry by Calyx Penning
Read 371 times
Written on 2019-03-20 at 16:53

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