the road figth is a symbolism of what happens in the street of developing nations. And again the will of the parent versus the will of thier daughters in chosing a husband.( a volient way)

The Road Fight

The crowd surrounded the side of the road
Looking at the scene.
An old man shouted on a young lady
He ordered her to keep quiet.
But the lady was very sturbborn.

She pounced on her opponent,
A man, a big man, she bit the man on his biceps
The man showed the arm, with blood, to the old man.
The old man slapped his daughter.
The young lady pushed her old man.

The old man fell in the hands of the crowd.
The big man saw this he then attacked the lady.
The crowd had tried to stop the big man,
But two were deposited on the lady's face.
The lady's eyes had sworn and her lips was blood.

The lady's supporters moved away to call another huge man.
Before the huge man came the lady had off her blouse.
Her bra was exposed as she was ready to die.
When her boyfriend came, he attacked the big man with a green bottle.
It landed on the big man's head unhappily.

Her boyfriend then stabbed the big man in the stomach.
The police came, then the crowd scattered and the police made no arrest.
That was the end.
Because the old man wanted her daughter the big man,
and the lady wanted to marry her own boyfriend.
That was the flesh of the contention.

Nobody in the world knew this.
It was only God, me and the reader.


Poetry by kid
Read 603 times
Written on 2006-05-31 at 15:15

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Wow!!!!!!This is sooooo amazing....I love the way you have depicted the whole scene it seems like a real life scenario in my mind.....and how true too.I think the lady ought to have been allowed to follow her way.....but then if she wouldnt have written such a lovely poem!!!!Bravo, my dear.Very well done.

wow this was amazing like no other poem that i have read before!!!!! this poem is so bookmarked and keep on the wonderful writting!!!
amber lynn