April 21, 2019.

falling in love with life through you

oh, but would you dance with me on this delicately broken day,

and let it be a beautiful reflection

of starvation, temptation, and elevation

just by the way my hand may tremble when reached for


the clouds are only bandages on this wounded sky

i see them weep and bleed so feverishly

i always try to catch those tears for the greater good

but end up with stained palms and melancholy drenched serenity


even the dark stained glass from the baptist church lets in light

beauty always finds a way in through the cracks we unconsciously leave behind

we can heal through the forgiveness of time

and work towards being in love with the feeling of being alive


and i'll let that start with you

so, would you sing with me on this constantly evolving night

and let it echo through every empty corridor we've ever been

would you whisper songs that have never been written, songs that simply don't exist, but make me wish they did

Poetry by aidan haskel The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-05-11 at 22:41

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There are some very fresh phrases in this poem: "this delicately broken day"; "this wounded sky"; "melancholy drenched serenity"; and this reader cherishes the specificity of "the dark stained glass from the baptist church." This is a poem in which images of gentleness and sharpness, of delicacy and distress, are orchestrated nicely.