Misfit nights make maudlin men
You know this because you're one of them

The inviting night is a route
Of rich escape from the day to day
Hassles of unsaid words tucked in
Behind the tongue for fear of much
Reprisals from anyone whose
Station in life's higher than yours.

Though dumb in day it takes a drink
To loose the cogs up in the brain
And in the bar the loud noise makes
Confession easier and him,
The bartender's the perfect priest
And each prayer is drunk down quick.

Misfit nights make maudlin men
You know this cuz you're one of them

And if you're lucky you'll find some
Company for the night- a dance,
Drunk groping in the street even,
Or awkward sex quickly forgotten,
But most likely you'll get a slap
Or a wrong number you'll never call.

You'll make your way from bar to bar,
You'll make your way from friend to friend,
You'll make your way from drink to drink
But the song on your tongue remains the same.
Your life does suck but it's a hollow tune
That's also sung by everyone else.

For misfit nights make mauldin men
I know this cuz I'm one of them

Poetry by Sameen
Read 301 times
Written on 2019-06-02 at 03:36

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I am madly in love with the couplet that closes the second sestet. Excellent work, Sameen. You have captured it well.

Marie Cadavieco The PoetBay support member heart!
You have an interesting way with words! I liked the lines: "Hassles of unsaid words tucked in
behind the tongue..."
This paints a poignant picture of a person who escapes the frustration and suppression of the day in an alcoholic haze which leads to more frustration and, as is inevitable, disappointing drunken sexual encounters. A depressingly accurate picture of an aimless life. Well written, and the repetition adds to the sense of a constant merry go round day after day, night after night, the same.