Striving after the wind
all the oppression under the sun
the old king from Jerusalem sought
to find a way to never have been born.

The old king
from Jerusalem thought that
life was banal and evil and all
that existed under the sun was done
and nothing new could be brought forth.

All the oppression
under the sun were cyclical
happening over and over
the old king saw it once and ignored
still striving to find a way

to never have been born. Death would bring
memories of the world, better to have been
never been born at all. Striving after the wind,
striving to turn back time. Creep into the womb
and find a way back to God, pure.

Poetry by Sameen
Read 318 times
Written on 2019-06-14 at 16:47

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An interesting observation. I'm wondering who this king might me!