June 20, 2019. 

and i won't start now

i swear i haven't been counting

I swear I loved him a second ago.

It's like falling in and out of consciousness

Was I asleep this whole time?

I swear I haven’t been counting but it’s had to of been a while.


I swear I loved him a minute ago.

I lived in a velvet lined coffin sized for two.

Comfortable, but perhaps in the dark

I’d say separated from the world, but there he laid, draped in my arms.


I swear I loved him an hour ago.

I had my eyes transfixed on the ticking clock.

Asking if time was just an illusion,

Why did it confine me to his absence and make me feel this lost?


I swear I loved him a day ago.

From the, “good morning” he wished

-- To the dreaded “good night” he left me with.

I drenched myself with his honey suckle words to his dandelion greens actions


I swear I loved him weeks ago.

I didn’t want to admit it then,

so I said I simply enjoyed his company.

But I realized how full of it I was when I couldn’t seem to live without it.


But months ago, I told myself I’d keep a good distance

I wouldn’t shake his hand, for I couldn’t trust it

I never said anything about holding it, I told myself later

And he might have been miles away, but that didn’t stop us from getting closer


But the present has turned to past,

Sand to glass, trees to paper

I’m gifted with a gash from being cut open,

But presented with a blank slate to try and understand it


Oh, but doesn’t time heal all?


Poetry by aidan haskel
Read 370 times
Written on 2019-06-21 at 06:01

Tags Poetry  Love  Changes 

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I like the structure, with the refrain of increasing time span. I admire the imagery of the velvet coffin, honeysuckle words, and dandelion actions. Vivid and bold (especially the coffin)!