summer solstice, midday

more determined


darkness at midday 

hollers of disaster

shattered souls 

blocking the sun


limbs of cloud

god in all his glory 

hasn't the power 

to rekindle this light

and i   tethered 

to the mercy of fate 

rise from my desk

my keyboard

my comfort zone

take stock   exhale

step off the edge




it isn't so nice   is

it   stepping

into another's introspection




still time enough to go for a walk around

the block   stop at the bakery   spend a little


hard earned money   walk by the vietnamese 

nail salon   ukranian music studio   all


amerian subway   chinese dry cleaners   restaurants   

narrow stairways between stores leading


to what i can only imagine   a walk after

lunch   sit on a park bench   face to the sun with


the other heliotropically inclined   walk back

to work   bring the sun along   isn't that


better   i acknowledge the homeless i've walked

around   the refuse i've stepped around   even


the needles   the detritus   i feel horror and

guilt   i think of the human condition   sad


tales   my own condition   i have choices   choose dancing

with marketa   sitting on the patio with colin's


grandfather   i think you might prefer such

imagery   who cares what i feel   i feel everything 




and no one cares about a measured

life and coffee spoons




mary ann and i were talking about 4th

of july plans   she's headed


to salt lake city to see her two 

brothers   it's been too long   she's excited


and a little trepidatious   family

being what it   i said we are going down


to big sur and santa cruz   and 

hopefully go whale watching   which leaves


me a little trepidatious due to the physiological

effects of waves and motion on the


tummy   nonetheless   whale watching on the

4th of july sounds somehow inversely


patriotic   whales being   by nature   neutral on

matters continental   and i'm especially looking forward


to holiday traffic   see   i can be sarcastic   there

may be more to me than dancing and


daydreaming about   appetites   though   not

much more   la la la   la   ti   da









Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-06-26 at 19:38

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MetaPoetics The PoetBay support member heart!
Feels like one continuous sojourn. I really like the varying line lengths in each section. The graphology of the poem is something to cherish.