'Maya' in Sanskrit is a word for relationships which in Indian Philosophy are considered an obstacle in the way of Nirvana

The world of 'Maya'

Why do people change for good or for worse, not to know it make you feel so naive.

Cheated by the world so big and bad, that makes your core feel so sad.

Advanced in the years you may be than they, belittled by the experience your trust at bay.

Trusting,believing which comes naturally to you, need not be the same in everyone's view.

But I will not change let the world go by, because if I change my soul will dry.

I will carry myself wherever I go, the goal and the soul open to my friend and foe

Who is mine who is not, I won't question myself It is all a net of" Maya",why trouble yourself?

To remain unwetted in water like a lotus-leaf, is how you should live in a world full of grief.

Those are the words of Buddha and Krishna, so full of wisdom,philosophy and gyana

The path that will lead you to moksha, the way that will give you Nirvana!

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 580 times
Written on 2006-06-01 at 13:30

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