One of many strange conversations between my Spanish husband and myself.

Conversations no 2

I am on conversations this month, apparently. Here is one over breakfast this morning.

Ramon: I will go to Coop for milk and to the hardware. That way I kill one bird, two stones.

Me: You mean kill two birds with one stone. It's not particularly clever to kill one bird with two stones.

R: Yes. Two stones, one bird.

M: No, Two birds, one stone!

R: Silly! And you say my Spanish proverbs don't make sense. How can you kill two birds and only one stone?

M: You know, I've asked myself that question since I was a little girl.

R: Maybe if you had a shotgun, you shoot first bird, other is just behind, bullet goes right through first, kill the second?

M: but that's not a stone, then, it's lots of bits of lead. I know! One bird is flying, the other is on the ground just below it. You throw the stone, kill the first bird, it falls with the stone, lands on the second, and the stone kills that one, too!

R: Ole! Brava! That's the answer.

M: Why did it take me until now to work that out?

R: Teamwork.

Now, how many of you have exciting conversations like that at breakfast?

Words by Marie Cadavieco The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-08-08 at 09:45

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
Isn't life grand? I love your conversations. I'll have to begin taking note of our morning conversations. I doubt they're exciting, but, perhaps, fun.