Random thoughts

Some things I think about

Why can't we stop ourselves from looking into an open door as we walk past one?
Why do the elderly seem so set on giving life to there gardens?
How is it we don't understand why people talk about childrens laughter so much,
But the you hear it and it all makes sense, just for a second,
How was it was decided that humans needed a building each, away from others or with those they've bonded with, to sleep, eat, and all that sort of stuff.. we spend our nights so isolated yet work around and with people all day?
Do we as humans keep animals in cages for our "entertainment" or to prevent them from out numbering us so we remain in power?
Do animals have that little voice in there head like we do?
Why do we lie down when we sleep?

Words by Melissa Ormond
Read 384 times
Written on 2019-08-24 at 02:03

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Love this, keep thinking those thoughts. The last two lines made me think and there's life in my garden!

Why do we lie down when we sleep?
I love the line...nice poem!
Thank you for sharing(,")

As I read this tonight, I'm moved especially by the image of the elderly giving life to their gardens. Thank you for these random thoughts!