The fragrance of his Being

Lying down my back on the bed of roses

I was in the cold room, a cozy ambiance

Looking down the form of a silhouette

Staring on my naked soul,

Inviting to connect the pieces of him to mine


When he started to move closer and touches my

 moistened skin

I could feel a hundred volts of thunder that

awakens my all senses

And he started to kiss me, 

feeling the warmth of his breath

I can't define his eyes so that I closed mine


He is a bee sipping all my nectar, tasting and 

soften, finding a bliss of mine only to nurture a gift

Moving so fast-moving and moving

Moaning his name that echoes in the cold room

Until finally reached the satisfaction of our desire

I found the heavens journey through him


..The fragrance of his being

Poetry by Katniss
Read 299 times
Written on 2019-09-07 at 10:34

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