for g of h

mary oh mary


after indulging in some late night movie watching

marketa and i have decided to have a mutual crush on mary astor


as well   we have decided to redo our entire apartment in black and white

or   i should say   shades of grey   at least fifty


we will scour antique marts and architectural supply houses

for period furniture   light switches   curtains   wall paper   lighting


all the little touches that define a room and a room's mood   for we are

well and truly   by comparison   sick and tired


of things as they are   whether we're talking about a room's mood

or a country's politics   i'm not sure   but we are ready 


for a change   and we are taking steps to remove ourselves to a better time

and   please   don't tell us it wasn't a better time   it was


and if it wasn't   we have plugged our ears   we will not hear otherwise 

in the meantime   as our work progresses   we will devote ourselves


to mary astor   mooning and swooning   sighing   perhaps crying   over

her gorgeous   self-assured   witty   sublime self   i will not be


the least surprised   if   in the throes and paroxysms of passion   one

or both of us don't cry out   at the crucial moment    mary   oh mary   oh my


and if that is the case   if it should play out as i’ve imagined   

then i will say   we have touched the sublime








Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-09-14 at 00:56

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Wonderful reading with the spacing and the flow of thought.
It felt like peering into a very private world.