Back after a haitus of two months.



Tired of dragging this wretched thing, 

this duty-bound life, through the dust-filled

busy streets of Kathmandu,

an exhausted wayfarer, I inhale 

lungful of thick evening air, 

order a weak ginger tea, and wait 

for the nostalgia of the unknown to unfold. 




An unsayable yearning clutches at my being:

stanzas—uninspired, unmelodious—in fragments

flit across the tea shack, chasing one another.


Now nothing but words—thrice removed

from reality—come out of an unfeeling heart.

I stop and dream of Munich or some other 

unknown distant land where I’ve never been—




you stand at Marienplatz, coffee in one hand, 

sunglasses in another, and with utter indiscretion

look at me. I look back, half afraid 

of the burning curtains inside an empty bedroom.

August twenty-eighteen—your virtual profile now lies still, 

dead upon your never-ending silence.


I stare at your picture and wait …

until a vulgar folk duet blasts 

from the overhead speakers of this crowded bus, 

displacing the monotony of my mental space

with its upbeat cadence.




Amid the low murmur of many mouths, 

between falling asleep and waking up, 

I see large chrysanthemums withering. 


I lean over a poplar and watch the yellow field 

swimmingly close in my face. I was unprepared

for this end, this separation.


Poetry by Yayāti
Read 416 times
Written on 2019-09-30 at 14:04

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You write so very well, Yayāti. It's always full of depth and it's rich in descriptive language, aside the topic you're describing and setting up, you always leave me as the reader very satisfied and in admiration of your talent.

Such a great pleasure to read your works. I say pleasure even though this has a strong hint of hurt and sadness, 'cause the words you choose and the way you construct the whole moment is from the technical point of view of language & writing exquisite, in my view... which has for effect a very adept emotive impact. That it's a saddening, twinge-like realization makes me hope it's not personal to you...

As always, so very good. I hope you're in no doubt that I always look forward to your next post and I'm so happy that you post here! :)

Ngoc Nguyen The PoetBay support member heart!
What thomas d said, only better!

Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
Beautifully cadenced and vivid.