In the wake of international protests, natural calamities, personal tragedies and socio-political unrest we navigate our days.

23 October, 2019

Writing is probably not the most advisable thing at the moment, when all that is inside is an upheaval and all that is without is in an uproar. Perhaps, tomorrow is a much better day to sit at the desk. Yet, as if by an unseen force, these fingers are 'etching' away, like miners' picks at some forgotten quarry. Who knows what creation will result?

A new emperor has been 'crowned' in these islands of the rising sun. Not that one could really call that fancy headdress, a crown. It was a coronation I was only able to partially witness, other things having come to the fore. Typhoon No. 20 was lashing away as we travelled south of the capital city. We were also introduced for the first time to the Japanese mores of cremation and funerary traditions. It didn't help that the ceremony was for a 2-hour old infant, complete and ready to go at just under 22 weeks, her lungs not yet fully able to work with the air that we often forget that we breathe.

The hushed conversation, not quite whispers, were very sombre in its quietness. Who knows what would have really been going on in the respective mind of each thinker and what feelings were bursting or trickling within each congregant.

Ms K still looked young but also so much more mature. No why's or questions, just being companionable and respectful. Underneath all the veneer, who knows, really.
We have fashioned ourselves after emulation and our pining after some imagined future. It makes one wonder if we were to keep more silent than we are wont, what would society be like?

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Written on 2019-10-23 at 03:37

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