A new work after ages!

Yet Another Day


A lazy November afternoon—

the sun flickering through the luffa

vine—fragmented into a hundred 

little fractals, dazzling, almost blinding;

amid the slow, dreamy stream

of dust motes, you think of a place

you’ve never been—you amble

along its dreamy riverbank, 

shedding the remnants of a life

you despised. 


A cool breeze sneaks in, 

rustling the yellowing pages

of a half-read novel—

you pick up the book, cherish 

its musty smell, accept its weight

lodged into your chest, stare

vacantly at the reddish-brown wall,

the bookshelves, the folded blankets;

in imagination, you listen to the constant 

burble of running water.


Outside in the bright midday sun,

box-shaped houses stand forlorn—

the whole neighborhood is taking

its daily siesta. Unintelligible scraps

of an Indian comedy show drifts in

from another room, mixed with

the soft snoring of your father; 

in another world, you stare 

at the sparkling water and think about 

how life would be in that alien soil.


On days like these, when the desire,

the longing to be somewhere 

else hits you hard, and you struggle

to get out of bed, or even reach

for the mug of coffee—now lukewarm,

lonely on the old nightstand,

eyeing you with utter contempt;

you keep walking along the dreamy riverside,

finding yourself in the dazzling water,

rippling and sparkling along eternity.



Poetry by Yayāti
Read 281 times
Written on 2019-11-28 at 11:52

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
This is excellent and I agree with Tom (again).

Perhaps unintentionally, I smiled at the image of the mug of coffee eyeing you with "utter contempt." Sometimes the unexpected or unforeseen is what gives a poem life, brings it from words to reality.

Beyond that one image, the poem as a whole is rich and complete, and the hints of your world and your place in it come through.

No one I read writes better imagery.

Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
Vivid, well-made, fluent, and really quite good. You're coming into your own as a poet. Reading your work is immensely gratifying.