Door Slam

I remember one day, siblings and I were chasing each other through the house. It was a silly game. Whoever was being chased would be caught and tickled. Once the tickled regained their breath, they would get up and chase their ticklers, and the cycle would repeat itself until we became too tired to play.

But this day, in particular, has stuck in my mind because of an accident. My older sister, Gillian, was right on my tail. I was going to be caught. I screamed out of excitement. I rounded the corner of my parent's bedroom and slammed the door shut behind me. Gillian calls out to me, "Margaret, my finger is caught in the door!" I scoffed, thinking I knew it all. "Yeah right!" That's when my sister started crying for our dad.

"Dad! Dad! Dad! Help!" She screamed. I didn't know what to do, I was so scared. "Margaret, open this God damned door right now!" My dad growled. I tried to hide in my parent's bathroom closet, but it was too small. I decided I needed to go and open the door, but I was too late. The thuds of my dad's gait had halted as the bedroom door burst open. My sister ran to put her finger under the cold running water in our parent's bathroom. My dad asked her if she's okay. "It hurts, daddy. It hurts so much." Gillian admitted through tears.

At this point, I am frozen with guilt and sadness. I didn't mean to hurt my sister. It was just a game. But that didn't matter. My dad marched over to me. He grabbed me by my forearms and held me against the wall until my head hit the ceiling. He snarled at me through gritted teeth, "Never - do that again!" He released me from his grip and I slumped down into the floor. Shaking. Humiliated and afraid.

Short story by Sarah Parnes
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Written on 2019-12-22 at 22:01

Tags Abuse  Afraid  Chidhood 

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