Happy New Year, from all at Coo & Co :>)
This is a piece from our Dreambook. We hope you enjoy it :>)

An artist's vision

'Twas early morning, 5 o'clock or so, and drizzly dark,
the birds still sleeping in their nests in hedges, gardens, park,
when Coo and FT found themselves upon a narrow road,
within a well-lit land that seemed quite far from their abode.

'Where are we?' Coo enquired, and 'I'm not sure,' FT replied.
'This road is super-smooth,' Coo chirped, which could not be denied --
it was a straight grey ribbon of a road, from where they stood
as far as the horizon, looking north. Coo nodded. 'Good!'

'The roadside grass, however, isn't smooth,' observed FT.
'Noo, it is crumpled,' Coo defined, 'and somewhat thickety.'
They veered off road a little, then, to take a closer look --
the grass stood all the way along the road, until a brook.

A peaceful scene -- but at that moment, Coo let out a shriek!
'Behold, FT, beside the brook!' Coo stared with open beak.
And following Coo's stare, FT beheld a big brown bull,
near bison-sized, with crusty coat resembling steel wool.

'The bull, of course!' Then FT smiled. 'Of course, FT?' Coo frowned.
'It's Godalming,' FT explained. Coo made a puzzled sound.
'A town in Surrey where I used to live; this brook's the Wey,
the bull's in Almshouse Meadow, on a sunny summer's day.'

'Oo-kay,' Coo clucked, 'and are those poplars, by the water's edge?'
'They are indeed,' FT confirmed, 'five poplars, yet no sedge.'
'They too are crusty,' noted Coo, 'round-leafed, in yellow-gold,
the shade of threepence coins one used to spend, in years of old.'

'It's quite surreal, this Godalming,' Coo mused, beneath a sky
as smooth as road and brightest blue, most pleasing to the eye.
'Yes, Coo,' FT agreed. 'An artist's vision, can you guess?'
Coo thought about the rendering and shortly uttered, 'Yes!'

'The artist was Gran T,' Coo sang. 'She liked to work with oil;
contrasting smooth and crusty subjects was her favourite toil.
And look to the horizon, just beneath the brightest blue --
a boy, a girl, each with balloon? it's Brother G and you.'

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-01-01 at 20:11

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!

Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
This reader is, as Marianne Moore might have said, happily "implicated" by both the rhythm and the substance of the vision. Thank you kindestly for posting!