A real blast from the past.

Another Love Song


Time floats upon the softened airs,

Coffee cools and slowly thickens.

Someone has stopped the moving stairs,

Newfound love jumps and quickens.


Coffee cools and slowly thickens,

And our hands flick the cold ashes.

Newborn love jumps and quickens,

Shining in lofty red flashes.


Two drags, we flick the cold ashes,

Draw in, draw out, our feelings bare,

With eyes shining in red flashes—

Our former pain is now elsewhere.


Draw in, draw out, our feelings bare,

We slowly realize

Our inward pain has gone elsewhere—

Truth is reflected in our eyes.


We slowly realize,

As time floats upon soothing airs,

Truth glimmering in our eyes—

Has love now stopped the moving stairs?





Poetry by Yayāti
Read 263 times
Written on 2020-01-13 at 16:49

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