rounding the corner


at night   when the weight of the world

seems to fall on my shoulders


i read the news   and know the weight

falls on all our shoulders


the weight of the world 

seems heavier than the world itself


that i expect the world to fall from its heavenly perch

at any moment


surprised that it does not   but it does not

it spins and orbits


as if nothing is wrong   the physics of the planet

seem to be sound


the little creatures scurrying around the surface of the planet

seem to be less sound




marketa comes out rubbing her eyes

come to bed


i will   

i am cold to the bone


trouble follows me to bed

it seems dire


whatever it is   

did you read about the locusts in the horn of africa


the world health organization

says it is one step from being a plague


which means starvation

did you read that the coronavirus is on the verge of pandemic


did you read that half the senate doesn't care

i did




in bed i repeat my mantra

exhale deeply


wait for the sheets to turn from icy to warm

feel the heat of another body


think of friends far away

and near 


try all the tricks i can 

listen to marketa's steady breathing


she is already asleep

she is good at this


she is an optimist

she is the pollyanna to my eeyore


the rainbow to my downpour

oh well




my imagination takes me where it wants to go

it always goes to the same place


the neighborhood of make-believe

follows the same template


two souls coming together in perfect harmony

blissing-out in neverland


where rules bend

where what is not allowed is allowed


and pixie dust is in the air

we can fly


my imagination is wonderful

i begin to believe 


it warms me

i see sleep rounding the corner




hello sleep





Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 293 times
Written on 2020-02-01 at 11:13

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Bibek The PoetBay support member heart!
I especially cherish the way you infuse the elements of fairy tales into the world of global affairs. Also, the progression, from being world-weary to acceptance with sweet slumber, has a steady rhythm to it. I can relate to the poem on many levels. Well-writ, as always! :)