A true story, and on Valentine's Day. Imagine that.

Job Interview

Under circumstances such as these, subject to winter's
Cold, an empty bed, and less than pleasant supervision
At my current place of work, I feel as if I ought to be
Alert to signs of pleasant things, of toothsome fruits
Found out of season. Lo, one has appeared to me!
Called forth just at the break of dawn, and forced
To stand outside to face the prairie's biting wind
In hope of being offered something better than the job
I have, I spy a woman moving quickly from her car
Toward the door at which I wait. She speaks. She has
A lovely accent, British I would guess, but maybe not;
Australia or New Zealand? She unlocks the door
And waves me in, and then she leaves. When she
Returns, she leads me to her shabby office, has me
Sit, and asks me questions, none of which I can recall,
As she is simply beautiful. I flounder in her large
Brown eyes. I want the job to be near her. I tell
Her what I think she wants to hear, and when she
Says we're finished, I rise sadly. As I walk away,
I lick my lips. Oh, unexpected fruit!

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-02-14 at 15:55

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