Wrote this last year in response to the #metoo movement. The assignment was to write a Twitter poem where each stanza is 140 characters or less. Publishing it today after hearing the verdict on the Harvey Weinstein case.

I can't be blamed

I'm relieving myself in my girlfriend's bathroom when her 4 year old appears. She looks curious. So I gave her her first lesson on dicks.


Resting my head on the train window, pretending to be asleep, I edge my elbow closer to her school blouse and reach for her inner thigh.


In a crowded bus, I wrap my hand around hers on the railing. She can't move. I inch closer, grinding against her. Next stop: hard-on!

Slits of her kurta reveal triangles of skin as she reaches the top of the blackboard. I aim the fan; her kurta flies to reveal her bottom.

After bonfire night with my nephew's friends, I slide my fumbling fingers between her sleeping legs. She got me drunk. I can't be blamed.

Poetry by Purple Puddles
Read 92 times
Written on 2020-02-25 at 18:37

Tags Twitter  Metoo  Molestation 

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