These roots dig down too deep, flowering fruits that are far too sweet, sticky and yearning, they catch and don't let go of anything that wanders in too close.
This lineage clings to my skin like linen, each breath too laboured to just breathe through it, like thick veins, they trace and map each place I've left and wandered through.
These fabrics flow and show how my body's grown, each deep hue of purple and blue,
each stitch a tiny glitch in the what should have been, each 'nevermind', each 'I'm ok', each 'I'll just wait'.
Each gristly tendon that grips and rips holes in me, each hole I dive and swim and drown alone in.
Each pool overflow and drips in my words but fall as soft as snow, you'd never know.
I'd bless the earth you'd walk on with each word, I'd make promises with the earth, so that when the day comes I'd keep you as my world.
Each star a pin prick in the black silk, that cradles and rocks you, each sun a jewel upon your crown, each bough would grow and reach for you and never let you down.
Each flower would blossom beautifully and fall at your feet and when the earth is through with me I'll make sure to dig down too deep.

Poetry by stef lai
Read 108 times
Written on 2020-02-28 at 00:26

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