March 2, 2020.

give thanks to your local poet (random words challenge)

Give thanks to your local poet

As each poem becomes embedded in their nature

Each inspired word letting us know that their relationship with emotion progresses

They’ve became intertwined in the thoughts that frighten and enlighten each mind 


They give us their battle wounds, coffee stains, spoiled cream, sugar, and motivation

They turn words into a sunset at every loss, and make the sun rise from it’s grave with every birthday

Afterall, each requires a celebration, a great recollection of having ice-cream or perhaps holding it  for much too long and watching it melt through the cracks of your hands

Tell me about it, for sometimes I forget I am not alone, tell it to me like you understand


Tell me about breaking the ice when meeting a new potential mate

Tell me about what they were wearing, how they carried themself, and why you were there in the first place

Were you to be as quick as a cheetah when you spoke, making yourself stumble over every syllable 

Or maybe instead you were confident and determined, presenting yourself as a tiger


I certainly see myself within both their roars,

I can be delicate and scared but also grow wings and soar

I can be soft and easily bruised like peaches or bananas

But if you cut into me and see my true colors, like a kiwi or watermelon, I just might surprise you


Poetry by aidan haskel
Read 387 times
Written on 2020-03-03 at 05:47

Tags Fun  Life 

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