Dance Battle

The night enlightens the drunken mind
and makes you think that life can be
something a bit more surreal
You're enamored by that lady's teeth

They shine like diamonds in the sky
and you move to make small talk with her
which you hope will lead to revelations
bringing you closer to her bed

She walks away. How like the mind
to make memories in a short instant
With just the sight of her diamond teeth
you'd built up a story of her

But now she's left and her warm bed
and her embrace is soon forgotten
there's a dance battle going over there
you move to forget and to be forgot

I imagine peacocks strut their stuff because
that's all they know: to be beautiful.
That's the same with beautiful people
especially when they dance in clubs.
It's their element, and It enamors me.
Like a moth to the proverbial flame i move.

They're dancing in a circle now.
They're dancing and its courtship but
at the same time
a sort
of Bacchic abandon
fills the scene, and the gods smile.
I imagine how in some Grecian field
they must have danced
in some similar way
The night enlightening the drunken minds
and life surreal and quite alright.
At least for a while.

In the circle you jump
only if you know
you have the skills
to wow the crowd
but i instead
just jumped because
i was quite drunk
and wanted to
feel special or
feel anything and
quite swiftly i
was ridiculed
and booed right off
and my eyes wandered
to the balcony
where the night sky seemed
truly to be filled by diamonds and
there's a girl over there
with such shiny teeth
maybe i should go and talk to her?

Poetry by Sameen
Read 154 times
Written on 2020-03-09 at 22:24

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Very nice, Sameen, well plotted.