Difficult Child

She's a difficult
child, the mother
told me. Don't take
anything she says
Too seriously.
It's almost as if
It's a game for
Her. How many of you people
She can send home
In tears.

The expectations then
Were set in stone. I looked
Around the house. My eyes
Rose up to the chandelier
dangling a little too close
Above the dining table.
The house itself
Was grand, white
And if posh
Could be defined by
A single image it'd probably be
That of an aquarium hung
Above a (giant) TV.

Having berated her child
The mother left to god knows
Where. I walked around and
Admired the house some more.
Light footsteps alerted me
To the presence of
My temporary ward.

I'm not like that. I'm
Not mean. She said.
It's not my fault that
Every babysitter I've met
Is a boor, always on their phone.
I just want to play.

I made a gesture as if
To say let's go. Take me
And show me what you
Want to play. She
Set up a camera on a stand,
did a goofy dance,
Uploaded it and taught me
The moves so I could join in.
And we did this for an hour or so.

My mother thinks its stupid.
My mother wishes
I wouldn't dance so much
Because it's improper.
But I love it. And we'd even
Dance a lot together
When I was younger.
I wonder what changed?


I hope she was not
Too much trouble, the mother said.
Fresh in from the night, smelling
Of expensive perfume
And even more expensive liquor.
I told her we danced,
She rolled her eyes and said
A girl her age should learn
To be delicate. A girl her age...
I just tuned her out.
Hypocrisy can lead to deafness sometimes.

I walked out after one last glance
At the chandelier dangling
A little too close to
The dining table. What an experience.
Good thing I didn't take it
So seriously.

P.S. She was totally being racist when she said "you people," Wasn't she?

Poetry by Sameen
Read 195 times
Written on 2020-03-10 at 18:49

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F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
Just beautifully written. The scene is so complete and described in such a way to emote every step of the moment. I thoroughly enjoyed this - thanks.