Some old phrases seem sexist but this paricular phrase, I thought, was true...
I stand corrected.

Mans best friend?

We once had a dog that I loved to bits
Called "Jello" by my brothers wit
He had a crush on the Singer J-lo*
So in his humour he gave her name to it

Jello was the only pet I'd known
We grew up from pups together
I remember how we went for long walks
Or how we sat for a one-sided blether**

So today I announced "I want a dog"
A pet we can love and share our time
But the look that drew from my partner
Would suggest I'd committed some crime

She chose her words so carefully
"So for company on a pet you'd depend?
And here was me thinking you loved me
For surely I am your one best friend

"Before you try and reason with me
There is no room in this marriage for Rover
Get yourself an aquarium, or such
Now, I believe this discussion is over!"

* J-Lo - also known as Jennifer Lopez

**Blether - A scottish word for having an irrelevant chat

Poetry by Liam The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 66 times
Written on 2020-04-02 at 13:37

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Hello Liam,
A goldfish called rover, it just doesn't sound right. A witty passage and a poetic delight. As many a man can say, 'I can relate to this'.

Kind regards, Tony.