we were going to shelter at the vineyard   

circumstances were such

that we had to   have to   stay in the city   i


miss everyone   colin   colin's grandfather   yenny 

they're okay with a skeleton crew   

so colin tells me   he may or may not be telling me everything


i'm not thrilled with what i've been writing   

i'm going to look back and see

if anything in the database is worth posting   i wish


i had access to my really old poems from high school 

they seem to be lost   even the ones

in the database are compromised   too many


word processing programs   too many different devices   

i'll see what i can find 



Du Pre


Her love for Elgar’s

Concerto in E minor

Allows us the

Rarest opportunity

To experience a

Relationship which would otherwise

Elude us,

Never to know such

Depth of feeling,

Incomparable technique,

Nor imagine God’s wicked intent.






i remember writing this   at that time in my life

classical music was everything   

i played the flute hours a day   listened to little else   


du pre   she was lovely   her music was sublime   

it still is   oh   she made love 

with her cello   watching the few clips of her 


was pure sensuality   at least for me at that age   

her story was tragic   her life

too brief   i felt it all   the little poem i wrote 


was the best i could do at the time   and better 

than anything i could write today   

it makes me sigh   the whole thing   remembering her   


remembering myself as i was   sheltering   missing

colin and colin's grandfather   it's a lot






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Written on 2020-04-06 at 23:20

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