A spin on my poem called "Unfulfilled"


A fog ascends higher
under numerous, scabrous statues.
Swelling and undulating,
the zephyr covers,

Under flagrant swells
which drown the winter silence
denial strides unerringly--
a minute star,

By way of abandonment
tender wounds heal, willingly.
Aerial, these variances occur
nightly. Saturnine,
meaning cut clean by voracity.

These diminutive things
call me again, as I covet them
yet I cannot grasp their glittering allure.
Break me in two.
I have no meaning anymore.

I ache for these
unsated casualties,
yet to occur;
they will never endure.
I am not free to pursue their horrors.

Yet constant still
you are,
you are...
and my desire is shattered
by this treacherous weather.

Poetry by intothehaze
Read 740 times
Written on 2005-08-13 at 23:47

Tags Expectation 

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Commentally Ill
ok now you're confusing me, which definition is correct? :P ha.

beauty and grace here.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
'scabrous statues' - hehehe i just have bird poop in my head now! typo with swelling there. aching for freedom we chain oursleves down with everyday desires.