Let Me See What I Can't Do

elena's card to me from two years ago
shows her brother john in a kayak

on lake michigan     she passes along his counsel
about being on the water      trust the boat


simon peter      starts to sink      when his trust wavers

steven's e-mail tells me that i am sustained
especially when i do not feel sustained
he quotes the norwich anchoress     all shall be well

hilary's missive      brightening my inbox
thanks me for praising her small poem
about how the evening light      in green summer
hints at something large & pure & noble

at the cusp of our understanding      there is beauty

in her poem      & in her gratitude

Poetry by Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-05-06 at 10:44

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Christopher Fernie
Dear Tommo,

Thank you these intertwined gems which I have enjoyed immensely.

You are like Moses, bringing down words of reassurance and resistance from your laundry mountain!

God bless you!



PS As you know, creative people across the globe are making a variety of different records of this truly watershed moment in our common history. Do you think it would be fitting for the this publishing site to curate for posterity a collection of works under the generic title of, say, 'Poems written in the time of Covid-19'?