The Daily Text Times, Met. Summer, 300 AC

From our drone reporter-

Looking down on the site
Being drained for the
New desalination plant
Here in Bristol, I can see
Local archaeologists lifting
Up a bronze statue from
The sediment.
The statue, which has been
Well preserved, appears to be
That of a man with long
Flowing hair and wearing
Old-fashioned clothes.
He seems to have
His arms folded in
The manner of a wise man,
A thinker, or a judge

I'm no expert but he seems
To be from the 17th or 18th
Century BC
(Before Covid).

The discoverers are hosing down
The body, washing away the dirty
Mud and stains of the past, exposing
The nature of the man's likeness.
I cannot see any inscriptions or markings
On the body, but wait, I can just make
Out what appears to be the letter 'R'
Daubed in blue or green on the man's
Lower leg and foot, as though he has
Been marked out in some way for
Special treatment, like one might
Brand a sheep for the slaughterhouse.

I can only speculate what the 'R'
Stands for:






What I do know
Is that the statue
Will eventually be
Displayed in the
Museum of Year Zero.

Poetry by Christopher Fernie
Read 89 times
Written on 2020-06-09 at 12:38

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