Sound of slippers walking downstairs
Kettle whistling and it's but a new morning
Coffee time, it is, yet my eyes seem unclear,
Cause I just had my last night of studying.

Rushed to the road and flew all the way
Clock's ticking and the panelists have been waiting;
Stepped inside and told them what I could say,
Then stepped ouside and saw my hands they were shaking.

"Honey, everything's done! I'll be there right away."
I missed him that much and I just can't wait.
If I only had wings I'd beat the airplane
to tell him that in his loving heart, I remained.

Paused for a while to hear what news this time has,
Heard pandemic has hit the country and people were in pain;
Dropped my bag and felt like broken glass,
Is this true? Cause I feel like this is just a game.

City's closing borders tell me I should have left the class
I didn't know after having joy my heart's going to die;
"Honey, I can't leave. Take care and please wear a face mask."
He said it's okay. " But I'm not. And I really can't lie.".

Worries and sadness have come so fast,
He can't even come home, and he is at the frontline;
All the time, God is good, still blessings are so vast,
And though we're apart, at least we both are still alive.

I could have finished everything so early,
I could have prayed more often before;
I could have told him to go and bring me,
I could have thought that a lot of life's challenges are in store.

Poetry by Calyx Penning
Read 182 times
Written on 2020-06-15 at 17:11

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