Nature at the service of man

Honey gatherers

Domesticated but not tamed,
ambiguity of sweetness and sting
woven,the bees power the batteries
of flowers from which
as exquisite chemists,they extract
sap,free of charge,without even ever
bruising their scent,petals or

beauty.Built hexagonal without
compass or ruler,interior braided,
their cell
houses the first distillery-
brewing the essence of a million
pollen-honey ,calling for awareness
of the sacred in what stands

for nature's service to mankind.It is
stewarded by a community of bees,headed
by a queen that no constitution can excel
them for government.Small in size
but not in memory,near sighted but mosaic
in vision,they compute distance with accuracy
however zigzagging and arduous is the fly-way

of many miles.Triggered by swarming season,
through the ritual of waggle dance the foraging
squad for collection trip mission,is
the new found honey cache's position in relation
of the sun to their hive that throbs
as one body, timed by a common pulse.

Poetry by yoonoos peerbocus
Read 27 times
Written on 2020-06-26 at 10:43

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
i like everything about this poem. it's subtle and not subtle, fun and serious. all good.