Sleep my angel, little angel sleep,
for mother is here outside to keep,
starless days and tearful nights.
To guard you Pegasus is here and fearless knights.

In solitude dream on well,
how does the sunrise really smell?
The secrets of the world are yours.
Your closed eyes my sacred doors.

Your breathing gives me life,
although my middle name is wife.
With you my Winters are all dead
and you became my best friend.

Sleep my angel, little angel sleep.
Dive in the seas of my love, they are deep.
Believe now you are my one and only.
Without you Angels would be so lonely.

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Written on 2020-06-30 at 08:23

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The tender loving comes through so strongly. I found this truly heartwarming. Made me think about my babies (well, not babies anymore lol). Thanks for this lovely moment.