I don't know,maybe it's my imagination,
maybe i must blame my destination,
but i still can't find my way
and it's hard enough to get it through the day.

It seems like in the society of angels,
i am the only devil.
Like a black sheep among white,
i am gonna start a fight
between good and evil.

If good is the heart and evil the mind,
this is a machine soul that can only rewind
the pastĚno present,no future
for this human who can'tá be mature.

What can i choose for this life?
Mind,heart,body or soul?
They are all inside me in a fight
and i am the one standing like a fool.

In the society of angels,i am the only devil.
Doing harm to myself is my evil.
Depriving myself from my future
is my convicting failure.

What can i do?
Heart crying,mind missing.
Body needing,soul searching.
And me...forgetting me.

What is the problem with me?
I do not love me.
Cause i am not what i wanted to be
and i am all alone in a life called sea.

Betrayed from myself
i am like a silence among tears
and i can't help myself
to escape from the horrible fears.

Less words are always more.
Loosing the essence,loosing the core.
I don't know,mind can't think,
maybe i would be better off if i was a thing.

Why am i writing all these?
Cause we are all and an angel and a demon.
In a world where mind has seized
all powers,how i wish i was a lemon.

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Written on 2020-07-01 at 05:17

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jim The PoetBay support member heart!
I like this very much, especially the way you end it, the last two stanzas are great.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Tiss to be human is all with in us
Never be judgemental when
We are being just a human being
As we are not being a devil incarnate
When we are just being our selfs
Ken D