For my missus

While we walk, side by side
with vows that shall hold,
Strong, to last a lifetime,
today as we reach
a decade of shuffling life
and what it brought
I feel my dearest
I may not have spoken
all the words
that should have expressed
my utter need to stay close
Or the warmth your presence
brings, day in and day out
to our small little household
but I know, you know
in between words and gestures
is a world where its all there
where dwell, the things unsaid
Like for instance,
my impatient wait to get home,
and yours eager glance at the clock
In this mundane existence
Lie the flowers of our persistence
In this silence we keep moving on
making whatever moments remain
worthwhile, till we one day part.
When being mortal strikes
and lets no mercy pass.

Poetry by sagi
Read 176 times
Written on 2020-07-04 at 23:49

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Well this is rather nice, proof indeed that deep love surpasses the flowery gushing "I love yous".. But more it is found between the obvious, in the minute of the day. I enjoyed this a lot.