July 17, 2020.

break generational curses and do what works for you

it is tradition

it is tradition here

pressing your ears against thin, glass walls

and trying to hear just one laugh or sob

to remind you that you can feel


outward presentations can be deceiving

the head cook at your favorite restaurant may not be eating

the frail may look broken now but maybe today is their time for healing

your neighbor who lives their life in a different shade of blue is still covered in bruises


yes, the one who hides behind blinds

and will only wave if you do it first

there's a pressure in exhibiting the same emotions

the same motions, and waves-- normality is a curse when you're known by name


whether you begin your life wearing satin, jade, and gold

or you spend your life recycling pop cans so you can have a home

growth is promised and transformation is only honest

it is hard to escape a name, to feel disappointment or shame

or trying to be modest and minimize your fame


only when we enter a crowd of new people

will we shed our skin that told us who we once were

then we have the opportunity for sharing even if we're moving on

but that breaks tradition and that tells your loved ones that you've simply forgot your roots and you will never grow tall


i've heard it's hard to grow orchids in Minnesota

it's hard to grow mint near sage

transplanting may be nerve wrecking

but it's tradition to survive and at your own pace





Poetry by aidan haskel
Read 227 times
Written on 2020-07-18 at 00:19

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I love the way the fourth stanza begins, and the last stanza seems especially strong throughout, each word deliberate and beautiful. I always enjoy reading your work!

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
i like this for so many reasons. the line that most resonates begins with:

"only when we enter a crowd of new people . . ."

and even then it sometimes fails. this poem means a lot to me.