Close, but No Cigar

Call me. I'm close by, and though
I'm not the sort of tanned and muscled
God you want, I'll put my arms around
You, and I'll fix you dinner. I will
Listen as you tell me what he did
And why you left, and why your
Brittle heart has broken, thinking
All the while that you would have
Been much better off with me.
You've never felt that way. Oh, well.
Here, have some mostaccioli. Nap
On my, as yet, unsullied hammock.
Stay. I'll gaze at you, and, when you
Leave, I'll try to tell myself that you're
Still searching for a love, while I am
Searching for a reason to continue
Living, knowing that you'll never
Ache for me. The meals I serve,
The ears I offer, aren't enough to do
The trick. I'll always just be close
And safe. I probably should go.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 48 times
Written on 2020-07-18 at 04:11

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Oh, can't help feel disappointed for the man. He comes across as a very caring and attentive sweetheart. His longing for companionship is achingly sad. And that he and she only ever remain in the "friend zone" without any realistic hopes of it ever changing doesn't leave the reader indifferent. Especially the devastation felt by him to where he's on the verge of making other "life" arrangements for himself! You describe the moment perfectly well, it made me feel a strong wish for the situation to get better. Very effective writing, as always, thanks.