Receding pain

Strange how it unfolds
Blooms, withers and dies
in tired alleys and ways
From the epic climax of colours
to pit of dying desire
From sadness that rises forth
From longing of union
to poignant realisation
of fading memories
and the gradual
receding pain.

Poetry by sagi
Read 162 times
Written on 2020-07-28 at 00:58

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Sagi! So good to see you posting again :) This is a lovely poem albeit poignantly sad. It's true it's a strange thing to get over a love... L2 describes the realization really well, I find. How something so powerfully good can turn so powerfully miserable to then becoming powerfully done and gone. The process is stunning in its depth of emotions at each step really when you think about it. Thanks for this, enjoyed where it led my thoughts.