Inspired by a writing friend. Anyone else miss OneWord?

At this juncture

“At this juncture…”

Every word after fell on deaf ears
They all knew what it meant
They stared blankly straight ahead until he was done
Then they all quietly stood up and walked towards their desks

Not a soul spoke.

They passed the next group coming in
Sensing their dread, but trying not to confirm it
Eyes darting to every corner
To stop from crying and revealing the truth

The words soon spoken again:

“At this juncture…
We can no longer continue.
We are closing our doors for good.
We have to let you all go.”

Poetry by Ducks
Read 111 times
Written on 2020-09-22 at 02:26

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Lady Courtaire
Wow. I could see this scene playing out as I read the words. Powerful and wrenching.