i'm reposting this (written in 2015) for two friends mentioned in the poem. it really is ever-changing. i wish they were still in my life

ever changing





i love 



friends in far places


smiling at the sun



closing my eyes at night

seeking resolution



families celebrating occasions with piñatas

red checked table cloths over picnic tables overflowing with food and drink

all of them bad for you


words in the right order


lying on the beach on a sunny day

yellow and white striped beach towels

listening to the surf

watching surfers and pelicans

shore birds dodge waves

espying a porpoise or seal


tea with honey


all kinds of meat

except chicken and beef and lamb and pork

all kinds of seafood

except lobster and shrimp and mussels and clams and oysters and et cetera


fage yogurt with golden raisins, blueberries, and granola 

veggie burgers with everything 

watercress and morels


from the spring and woods

especially if my dad surprises me with them


helping him build walkways 

with rocks he brings back from the fields and streams


that he sings so very, very badly while he works




blondes, brunettes, red-heads

vixens with black hair or no hair from chemo or choice

a quiet girl from the north country


möbius strips


miley cyrus's version of lilac wine

lou reed's perfect day

the second movement of brahm's requiem

sunhae im and nikolay borchev

singing zerlina and masetto's duet in don giovanni


a kind word from anybody


the poems of rosalia de castro

han shan

writers on poetbay









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Written on 2020-10-01 at 04:59

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I embrace this poem which embraces much! A joy and a delight to read.