a walk around a lake

Evening by a lake

When I go for the evening skies
I arrive where deep-down
I already am, on the pink and orange
wavelength where thought and feeling merge,
where the currents of mind determine
a heart's flight, undulating
from the high to the low,
before settling on the darkening waters,
next to the cormorant or
the silhouettes of dusky sea-birds against
the flickering water. See

how more and more flocks
come in from the violet east
crossing the luminous skies and how
they glide softly without a noise and
without even beating their wings,
more and more swooping thoughts,
they circle the light-rippled lake,
put silent dots onto the sheath
of flickering silver,

as dots within a sentence
that are awaiting conclusions,
pending, pondering and gently
welcoming meaning: the last sunrays.

There, an array of possibilities, but always
this tang of unlaundered light

until I find it - the blood drenched hour,
when the night shakes me awake.
I suck it in, liquid spectrum,
for I am thirsty as if I went for days
carrying along someone's else's thirst

that would dry me out.
I do not think that a mouth
other than mine would blister
where I drink from the sky,
where I bite out cloud shapes, nuzzle
currents of tangible light
to my heart's soft lips, where
I taste the pure dusk, devour
darkness and find, what I came for,
in an explosion of geese, as I walk past,
that lingers on for a mile
in the sharp breath of the night.

Poetry by Scharlie Meeuws
Read 428 times
Written on 2006-06-10 at 18:47

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Zoya Zaidi
Beautiful, beautiful poem!
Lovely imagery, I like the way you use it to potray your thoughts...
Another lover of nature,we have her with us on the bay!
Welcome to the bay daer Scharlie!
You are going to like it here!
love, xxx, Zoya

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey there lovely poem lovely images of the lake side you have crafted this so well welcome to the bay rgds