Shittiness as an Aesthetic Problem

I could turn my back, turn off the news,
And live most splendidly. I'm rich. I'm
Male and white, and my home's buffered
From the misery and poverty of other
Places by unending upscale suburbs.
I'm not bothered by police when driving
Or out on the sidewalk. No one stares
And calls me names, or gropes me in
Congested spaces. Why, then, am I not
A man who sits in clubs and bars with
Others of my sort, guffawing at the latest
Racist, sexist jokes, and saying Blacks
And women and the queers are just too
Sensitive? Because I understand that I
Am privileged as those others aren't.
I'm not a better person whose own
Efforts brought him such success.
I once was poor. I've known misfortune,
And I know that that's what it is. It's
Not a punishment that's earned.
Perhaps aesthetics are the reason
Why I must remain engaged. The smugness
Of my smirking peers, their cruel words
And what they do, revolt me. They are
Ugly, and, as you might guess from my
Surroundings, I like pretty things.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 19 times
Written on 2020-10-16 at 23:45

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I would hazard a guess that the decision to not sit in those places with those people is in great part not only about the fact that they are nasty individuals, it's also because they are sooo ridiculous and boring as a start. Five minutes are enough to make my brain cells want to jump off a cliff ;) The line "It's
Not a punishment that's earned." says a lot. Those who believe that people's financial poverty is caused by a charater flaw really baffle me. It's reassuring to see that not all of us think this way! Comme toujours, your lines make me think - thanks.