if the beginning is the idea of two,

say two friends, marcy and colin,

but think of them in the abstract,

say, (5x-3) and (2x+7), because, why not,


because names are arbitrary labels,

and friends are unique, and

marcy and colin aren't as simple as

marcy and colin; anyway, 


they interact in the course of a day,

perhaps more so at night, and all of a sudden

they look like 10x squared + 29x - 21

and they feel like the relationship


is better defined, because

relationships are complicated,

and marcy and colin, as names, 

are shortcuts that don’t fit the moment.




or, another way of looking at it,

remember how x squared - y squared = 1?

hyperbolas, curves coming together, briefly near, 

then drifting apart in perfect symmetry? 


that is not marcy and colin,

that is us, that is us saying goodbye,

irrevocably, and not in a good way,

in a two-bodies-drifting-apart-in-space way,


those curves are destined 

to follow their mathematical paths 

into eternity, never again to meet,

and, as we determined—never is a long time.


i take no comfort in this slick, sick equation, 

i long for the union of two sets.

in the world of  mathematics it works,

in the messy world of blood and guts, it fails.






Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-11-03 at 13:51

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