I feel like the wind when I hear Bachís melodies
Raging round me. I lock the door to trap it in
And dive into the whirlwind to escape
From the trials of life for in music I find
Nothing out of nothing, but everything sublime.


I dream of paradise with open eyes
So it can seem real, but they always sneak in-
Dream figures and nightmares layered on each other
Like storm clouds stitched to a clear, blue sky.
Now itís vacant when I close my eyes.


The world is much possessed by death.
Each breath is a ticking clock to the grave,
But when the birds dip down to the ground
They always swerve up at the last minute
And soar higher, as if laughing at it.


I hear the songs the lovers play,
Feel it in my heart, the way they kiss,
Their open arms, a feeling I canít start,
But I try to capture it in words,
Like a fisherman trying to catch birds.


Paint me a picture of all the flowers
In the world, and lay me to die
Amidst the colors. Why go outside
When the simulation can coddle my heart,
While the real thing might break it?


After an entire day in darkness, the sun
Finally shows when itís about to set.
The skies part, the birds sing, and somewhere
Lovers kiss and poets attempt to capture it,
All while the horizon darkens.

Poetry by Sameen
Read 109 times
Written on 2020-11-18 at 22:09

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