November 19, 2020.

i call my partner my strawberry boy 

my peach seed for a heart

not something i'd normally venture

yeah, i might be a free spirit but i've been in a cage

in a beautiful, deep sea i'm attached to an anchor

i have all this space to swim but it doesn't mean i can breathe


and if my heart were a person

every footstep a thump or beat

every sharp breath a pulsing rage

every tremble a sudden ache


--i'm sure i'd end up, somehow, in your arms

but it's hard to put my feelings with reality

its hard to think of you being able to love me

with all this agony in my peach seed for a heart


like a true aquarius,

whatever that might mean,

my mind weighs far heavier

than all my shriveled and neglected dreams


realism may not be my forte

but it grounds me all the same

but i have this pesky feeling you'll deny me

the opportunity to claim its hate


all this emotion for you

and i was weary of a name

it was easier to label it as bitter

but it tastes like strawberry shortcake



Poetry by aidan haskel The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-11-19 at 07:44

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"all my shriveled and neglected dreams": the line resonates