A right balls up

If I ever meet the almighty I’d have a thing or two to say,
I’d take him/her/it to one side and shake my finger,
I’d look him/her/it in the eye and ask,
“What on earth are you thinking about”,
Him/her/it will see I’m cross, no, see I’m angry,
I would say,
“Allowing all that to happen when you are meant to be good” (or should I say God)
I guess he/her/it would look at me with passion and understanding,
Say something like “Bless you my son”,
I will look back at him/her/it and say,
“Bollocks, you cocked up, you always do”,
That will make me feel better.
This walking stick people call religion,
You know, the one you lean on when things get tough,
And put to one side when all is well,
It lives inside your head,
Sadly, not in the real world.

Poetry by Mick Bean
Read 239 times
Written on 2020-11-25 at 07:00

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