November 29, 2020. 


i hurt my own feelings (again)

what was once pride has soured to regret

i stare at my trembling hands in pure confusion

why does everything i touch turn to ash?

why can't i see what i have instead of what i lack?


i was almost happy that time

about something i had created

my perception is cracked and tainted

what i loved became what i hated


the first law of thermodynamics

the memory will linger and i will know that it still happened

even if i break it apart, throw it against the wall

i would be the one cleaning up the sharp pieces


oh, i made the mistake of thinking i was good at something again

now i realize how much of a fool i am

my hands shouldn't have ever touched that lump of clay

my mind should have known i have nothing valuable to say


i made the mistake of showing my soul again

i know it's wrapped in barbed wire but that's only because it's fragile

and even if you've barely pricked a finger

i'm not as agile and my confidence withers

Poetry by aidan haskel
Read 87 times
Written on 2020-11-29 at 15:01

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